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Vicenza Film Commission


Vicenza Film Commission is an organization funded in 2001 by Vicenzaè Consortium to promote the image of Vicenza all over the world. Vicenza Film Commission aims to promote the city and the province, in order to attract Italian and foreign filming productionsand at the same time develop the filming industry in the province by building new business chances.

Filming in Vicenza

Thanks to the innate spirit of hospitality in its people together with variety of locations, the natural richness of Berici hills and the Asiago Plateau, the historical and artistic heritage of the city, the architectural styles of buildings and villas, Vicenza appears to be the ideal set for all types of audio-visual product.
Vicenza is located in the heart of the Veneto region (close to Venice) and, together with its magnificent villas, it is part of  the Unesco World Heritage List, thanks to the masterpieces of Andrea Palladio (1508-1580). The architect's works are based on a careful study of classical architecture and they give to the city a unique appearance. They created the architectural style known as Palladianism, which spread to England and other European countries and even in North America.


Vicenza Film Commission can provide the following services:

  • Digital photographs database and information about the locations
  • Shooting permits
  • Logistic assistance (lodging vehicle rental…)
  • Troupe accommodation
  • Free occupation of public soil
  • Technical services
  • Artistic and  technical personnel database
  • Film catering services
  • Relations with the press and local authorities
  • Simplifying red tape

Information and contacts


Our addresses

Unità di Progetto
Direzione Attività Culturali e Spettacolo
Ufficio Cinema e Film Commission

Address: Cannaregio, 168
+(39) 041 2792604
+(39) 041 2792794
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